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Useful SEO

Basic Yet Powerful, The Route to Strong SEO Strategies


I am so happy to begin writing for my own website, it’s been a while! If you wonder what happened, I have been busy building my business and writing for clients. I enjoy that terribly, but it was about time I started doing for me what I’ve done for other sites!


Over a couple of years, search engine optimisation (SEO) has altered considerably.


It’s a constant ever-changing challenge, but keeping up with what goes on in the world of SEO is something of a challenge that I enjoy. Hopefully, I can bring some of that to the site and perhaps enlighten a few of my visitors.


Search engines use highly sophisticated software, which they constantly are improving. It’s a game of who dares wins where the major players are concerned. Useful SEO - Basic Strategies


Planning a Well Balanced Strategy


Using automated web content on your site is a poor way to enhance it. Bots aren’t interested in it, so by the time the SE’s realise whats going on, you’ve lost a potentially large number of visitors. Devaluing your website can only help damage your reputation, so unique, relevant and fundamentally interesting content is key.

We stand out from the rest because we remain sensibly and competitively priced, whilst continuing to challenge ourselves with in-depth knowledge of the SEO and SEM industries, as well as providing our clients with the tone of text required for each project


I’m not biased because I write web copy, I just know it works

5 Do's


  • Decide on additional article pages, and if you want to incorporate a blog
  • Research your market
  • Develop copy that is better than the competition
  • Look at how to optimise the content by applying competitive phrases, keywords, and longtails
  • Plan if you will backup your website with strong outside promotion (Facebook, Twitter, image and video sites)


Simply put, get advice on how to write good content, better still outsource your web copy to an expert who can lead the way


5 Don'ts


  • Don’t copy it from anywhere, a big no!
  • Stear clear of using American spellings if you’re focusing on a UK market (a real pet hate)
  • Use its as a ‘possessive’ term, not it’s – “the gerbil is eating its food”
  • Avoid fluffing up your content with pointless wording
  • Be factual and to the point – readers get bored easily


It's crucial to do it properly. You can carry out your own SEO if you have the time to learn and have the time to regularly update your site/s.

Free Quotation

Louisa quotes clear prices for content writing and web copy that is written with you and your visitors in mind.


Taking all of your goals and aims from ideas and building them into web copy that works perfectly is valuable.


To talk to us about your individual requirements, please have a look at this SEO Advice from Delicious Webdesign for friendly advice and contact them for a free quotation.


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